Dr Tim Iveson  MD, FRCP
Consultant Medical Oncolgist
Tim Iveson Consultant Oncologist

NHS Practice

University Hosital Southampton
Tremona Road
Hampshire, SO16 6YD
Tel: 023 8120 6802
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Private Practice

SPIRE Southampton
Chalybeate Close
Southampton, SO16 6UY Jan Onoufriou
Tel: 023 8027 0956
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New Hall Hospital
Wiltshire, SP5 4EY
Angela Iveson
Tel: 01725 513579
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Clinical Interests

I specialise in the chemotherapy treatment of all gastro-intestinal cancers. Each patient is considered as an individual and their treatment is tailored according to their diagnosis and their fitness to receive treatment.

For cancers of the oesophagus (gullet) and stomach patients may need chemotherapy treatment prior to surgery (neoadjuvant therapy) or chemotherapy for advanced (metastatic) disease.

For cancers of the pancreas some patients may need chemotherapy prior to surgery (neoadjuvant therapy), following surgery (adjuvant therapy) or chemotherapy for advanced (metastatic) disease.

For cancers of the colon and rectum (colorectal cancer) patients may need chemotherapy following surgery (adjuvant therapy) or chemotherapy for advanced (metastatic disease). Some patients with disease affecting the liver (and some patients with rectal cancer) may need chemotherapy treatment prior to surgery (neoadjuvant therapy).

For Cancers of unknown primary (CUP) I investigate patients to try to identify a primary site of their disease and advise of appropriate chemotherapy treatment.

I am involved in clinical trials investigating new treatments for gastro-intestinal cancers so I am up-to-date with all new treatments. I sit on two Trial Management Committees and two Trial Steering Committees (one of which I chair). I have chaired two Independent Data Monitoring Committee for global studies of Ramucirumab in the treatment of gastric cancer.

I am the Chief Investigator of the SCOT study looking at the duration of adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer and am a member of the IDEA (International Duration Evaluation of Adjuvant Chemotherapy) Steering Committee, which is undertaking a meta-analysis of 6 studies all looking at duration of adjuvant chemotherapy treatment.

I am a member of the NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Colorectal Cancer Adjuvant and Advanced Disease sub-group. I am also a member of the Bowel Cancer UK Medical advisory Board. I was a member of the NICE Colorectal Guidance Group, which drew up the NICE Colorectal guidelines. I was also on the NICE Quality Standard Colorectal Cancer Topic Expert Group.

I believe that it is important that patients receive high quality information about their treatment. I am Chief Medical Editor for Macmillan.

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